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OpenShot was recently featured on an episode of Category5 Technology TV, which teaches users how to obtain, install, and use OpenShot! Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells have done a great job introducing OpenShot, and I hope everyone will enjoy the high production values and enthusiasm as much as I did! Check out the video below:

Outline of Episode:
  • Feature: Video editing in Linux using the free OpenShot video editor.
  • Robbie's quick thoughts about Jonathan Thomas, and his dedication to creating a fantastic video editor for Linux.
  • Installing the OpenShot video editor from the provided PPA rather than the Ubuntu repositories.
  • Setting up the OpenShot PPA.
  • Viewer Question: Why not get OpenShot from the repositories?
  • Updating your apt sources list.
  • Installing OpenShot using Synaptic Package Manager on Ubuntu Linux after setting up the PPA.
  • Installing Inkscape using Synaptic Package Manager to add vector graphics support to OpenShot video editor.
  • Obtaining and configuring Blender to be used by OpenShot video editor to add 3D titles to your video productions.
  • Adding media files to OpenShot.
  • Creating 3D / animated title sequences to your video production in OpenShot video editor.
  • A brief rundown of the main tools used when working in OpenShot video editor.
  • Adding segments to your video production in OpenShot video editor.
  • Adding photos to OpenShot video editor.
  • Creating a closing credits roll-up for your OpenShot video editor production.
  • Using Inkscape to create more substantial text for your OpenShot video editor production in Linux.
  • Animating your show's end credits in OpenShot video editor, moving it from the bottom to top of the screen.
  • Top-secret Information: ??? You will have to watch the video to hear this!

Soon we will release more information about version 1.4 and our top-secret project. So, stay tuned!

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