I am proud to announce the release of OpenShot 1.3.0! Our team has spent the last 5 months perfecting this version, and I am so proud of what we have achieved! Our goal is to be the very best open-source video editor. This release brings us closer to that goal.

As tradition, I have created an original video to announce this release. Enjoy!

Release Highlights:

If you use Ubuntu 9.10 (or newer) as your operating system, then the easiest way to install OpenShot is with our PPA. Once you have installed our PPA, either install OpenShot or run your Update Manager to get the newest version.


  • The 3D animation now requires Blender 2.56 (or greater)
  • The new theme, Fresh, is now the default theme. However, if you are upgrading, you will need to change the theme in the preferences (if desired), because it will continue to use your previous theme.
  • The frei0r-plugins package is not required to use OpenShot, but if you install it, it will add many additional effects. This package should be available in your favorite package manager or software center.
  • Many distros do not include all video and audio codecs. If you want to install them all, you need to install the libavformat-extra-52 package (or equivalent). This package should be available in your favorite package manager or software center.

Learn More:

Want to learn more about OpenShot? Want to become an expert user? Want to become the next great developer / contributor? Check out our help manual, which contains 60+ pages of great content, updated screenshots, step by step instructions, and translations in many different languages:

Spread the Word:

Please help us spread the word about OpenShot 1.3.0. If you do write an article or blog entry, please share the address in our comments section for everyone to enjoy. Also, if you are using a package manager that supports reviews or ratings (such as the Ubuntu 11.04 software center, or the Mint package manager), please give us some love!

Thank You:

As always, this release stands on the shoulders of so many great projects, such as Python, MLT, Blender, Inkscape, and all of the other libraries we depend on. So, a big "Thank You" to all these projects. And also, I want to thank all of the amazing contributors that help me on a daily basis. This release would not have happened without you and your support!


I hope everyone enjoys using OpenShot 1.3.0, and please don't forget to mention OpenShot when you post your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites. Also, if you create a really great video, please share it with me, so I can post it here on this blog for everyone to enjoy. In closing, here is a video made by @johhjnsn with OpenShot, about a robot, which utilizes great art, vision, music, and truly showcases the magic that a video editor can create:


One of the most difficult tasks in creating a video or film is keeping track of and organizing all of your media files, such as videos, sound effects, sound track, titles, credits, and scenes. OpenShot has not been very good at this task... until today.

Introducing the OpenShot Filter Bar, which helps you find what you need faster than ever before! Want to only view your audio files? No problem. What to only view your videos that have a label of "Scene 1"? No problem. What to find a specific transition or effect? No problem. Either click one of the easy toggle buttons, or enter the first few letters of what you are searching for.

[Show All Project Files]

[Show Only 'Video' Project Files]

[Show Only 'Audio' Project Files]

[Show Only 'Image' Project Files]

[Show All Project Files that contain 'Scene 1' in their name or label]

[Show All Transitions that contain 'Wipe' in their name]

[Show Only 'Common' Transitions]

[Show Only 'Audio' Effects]

I have done quite a bit of testing on these new filters, and I am really pleased with how they work. They are fast, and easy to use, and make creating complex videos even easier than before. When you combine the filters with the 'labels' feature, you can create a pretty incredible search system, that works just the way you want it to.

I hope everyone enjoys this new feature! I am waiting for all the translations to be completed before we release the next version. Please verify that your native language is completely translated, or you might be disappointed when the next release comes out. To verify your language is translated, please use these instructions:

Translate OpenShot:
Step 1: Login or Register on LaunchPad
Step 2: Click this link to verify the translations are complete for OpenShot

Translate Help Manual:
Step 3: Click this link to verify the translations are complete for the Help Manual


OpenShot needs your help to make the next version (1.3.0) the very best it can be! We need native language speakers of all languages (except English), to help translate OpenShot.

It requires no special software or special skills, other than speaking both English and your native language. All you need is a web browser and to follow these steps:

Translate OpenShot:
Step 1: Login or Register on LaunchPad

Translate Help Manual:

Remember, the translations for OpenShot and the Help Manual are located on different pages and each have their own link above. Also, please do not use Google Translate or some other automated translation system. If you do not speak the language, please do not offer translations for it. =)

LaunchPad will show you the translation for your default language. If you are seeing the wrong language, please change your default language in your LaunchPad profile. If there is no translation for your default language, LaunchPad will create one.

This is a great way to participate in open-source, without knowing how to program. So, I hope we can see OpenShot translated into lots of languages! Good luck and thank you in advance!

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