Take a look at the new OpenShot dark theme called "holo", clearly influenced and named after the Android 4.0 default theme.  Many users prefer dark themes, and previous versions of OpenShot were not specifically designed for dark themes... which resulted in a less than ideal appearance.

But, with OpenShot 1.4.3 (coming very soon), this all changes, and now users can enjoy a beautiful, and integrated dark theme for their favorite video editor!  To use this new theme, go to Edit->Preferences, and choose it from the "Default Theme" dropdown.

New dark theme called "holo", available in OpenShot 1.4.3.
Main window in OpenShot 1.4.3, using new theme: holo.
We are almost done with our testing, and expect to release 1.4.3 on Monday, October 1, 2012, if everything stays on schedule.  So, be sure to check back on Monday for the latest information, or follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Google+ to be alerted the exact moment we release it.


If you speak a non-English native language, and want to get your name included in the next version of OpenShot, today is your lucky day! All you need is a web browser, a free LaunchPad account, and to visit the following link:

Translate OpenShot (and get your name included in the credits):

Many schools and businesses can only use software that has well written, and completed translations. For example, imagine a school teacher in India trying to teach a video editing class with OpenShot, but only half the menu items are in Hindi.  So, let's get OpenShot translated into as many languages as possible, and help spread it around the world as the best, free, open-source video editor available!

All translators are listed in the credits of each release (in the About dialog)


Do you like explosions?  How about logos?  Both!?!  If so, today is your lucky day, because OpenShot 1.4.3 comes packed with dynamite!  Take a look at these exciting screenshots, and be sure to leave us a comment below.

A big thanks to Yann Morere (ian57) for the amazing 3D animated titles.  Also, don't forget to join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, which is a great way to follow OpenShot news as it happens.  Thanks again for supporting our project, and stay tuned for more news on 1.4.3 very soon!


Have you ever wanted to layer or mix different videos together?  Or perhaps layer multiple videos, one on top of the other, or add a watermark image? If so, this is called "compositing", and is a super cool, and very useful technique when editing videos.  I thought it would be fun, to offer a quick and simple tutorial for new users, and show the basics of multi-track video editing using OpenShot.

Here is the main screen in OpenShot.  It contains three different layers (also called "tracks") at the bottom of the screen (labeled 1, 2, and 3).  These tracks behave much like layers of paper on your desk: the bottom track is covered up by the track directly above it, and that track is covered up by the one above it, and so on, for as many tracks as you choose to add.

Top Track
Clips on this track will be on top.  Logos and watermarks should be on this layer.  The OpenShot logo is on this track in the illustration.
Middle Track
These clips are under the top track, but above the bottom track.  The image with circles is on this track in the illustration.
Bottom Track
These clips are under all other tracks.  The sunset is on  this track in the illustration.

So, now that you understand the basics of multiple tracks, notice how the 3 layers (in the illustration above) are composited together in the preview window. Just like layers of paper on a desk.  Of course, if your video or image contains transparency, it will show through what is below, which is why layers 1 and 2 don't completely cover up the bottom layer.

Editing videos on Linux can be easy and fun, once you know the basics.  So, now that you've learned a new technique, it's time to practice using OpenShot to edit your own videos!  Have fun!


Greetings!  With version 1.4.3 nearing release (in the next 10 days... give or take a few), I thought it would be a great time to share some of the details, and also fill everyone in on the past many months of development.

The Highlights

The OpenShot team has been very busy over the past 6 months, and version 1.4.3 sports many exciting new features, and of course, lots of bug fixes and updated translations.  Here are a few of the highlights to get you excited:
  • Improved Timeline Snapping for Transitions (no more manual adjustment of every transition)!
  • More than 10 New Effects!
  • New Transitions!
  • New 3D Animations!
  • Improved Drag & Drop features (such as Vertical Constraints, Improved Gap Removal, New Keyboard Shortcuts, etc...)!
  • Tons of Bug Fixes!

Development Update

Over the past many months, the OpenShot team has actually been working on 2 different projects : OpenShot (the video editor) version 1.4.3, and a new & improved video editing back-end (i.e. library).  While also investing some time in GTK3 compatibility... although that's another topic altogether.

The library is coming along great, with some incredible multi-threaded performance results, and a great set of animation and compositing features, which should really raise the bar for open-source video editing platforms.  Currently, I am the only developer that is working on the library, which will soon change once I open-source the code, and release an alpha version (which should happen towards the end of the year).  However, just because I am the sole developer on the library, that does not mean others have not helped and guided me:  A special thanks to Cody Parker, Noah Figg, Mark Hatch, Justin Thomas (my brother), Andy Finch, Olivier Girard, and the wonderful Internet (I'm talking about you Stack Overflow)!

On a side note, and to add some credibility to the library, it's already been successfully deployed and tested on a website for a client (and supporter of OpenShot), as a real-time video editing back-end, which streams the edited video back through Python + Django (and Apache) to an HTML5 video element (cross browser support).  Did I mention it all works in real-time?

I've also got the library's Debian packaging working great, and Lintian clean, which simplified the installation of the library for my client considerably.  Now, I just need a few more hours in the day... =)

We Need Your Help!

I feel bad that it took 6 months for this update to be written and posted, so get ready for lots, and lots of updates over the next few weeks.  We need testers, translators, and supporters to help us complete version 1.4.3. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for more information very soon!

If you want to get the latest OpenShot news, and get it before everyone else does, be sure to join our Facebook Fan Page or Follow us on Twitter.

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