Greetings OpenShot Backers! I have lots of exciting news to share about OpenShot 2.0 and a progress / schedule update. It has been a crazy 4 weeks since my last update, but before I delve into those details, let me jump right into the newest completed feature: a brand new mask and transition system!

What is a mask?

For those who don't know, a mask is not just something we wear on Halloween, but is actually a very useful thing in a video editor. It is simply a grayscale image that is used to make parts of an image transparent. The darker the gray, the more transparent the image becomes. In effect, you can turn any image into a mask, by converting it into a grayscale image.

Masks can be used to erase parts of your video that you don't want. For example, you could mask out the sky, a building, or even an actor.


Masks can also be adjusted over time, which is typically called a wipe or transition. Transitions are very useful when blending one video into another, so the effect is more gradual. Here is where the really cool stuff happens. Not only can you create an infinite number of transitions, they are controlled by the user, with animation curves. Because you maintain control over the progression, the possibilities are endless!

Stacking Masks & Transitions

This was a tricky one, but is finally working, and working wonderfully! You can now layer masks and transitions together (as many as you want). This is cooler than it might sound. For example, you could use a Left to Right gradient to wipe across the video, and then add a Top to Bottom gradient to wipe down the video. Together, they would wipe diagonally across the video, revealing the next video.

Check out this illustration which has 3 components: a top layer (a semi-transparent angry face), a bottom layer (blue gradient fading to transparent), and a grayscale mask. Watch the effect wipe away the top layer, revealing the bottom layer. This illustrates how existing transparency information is preserved when applying masks!

OpenShot's First Employee

During the past 4 weeks, I embarked on an exciting (and necessary) adventure to hire my first employee to assist with OpenShot 2.0 and help with other project work. I found a great person with lots of potential, but unfortunately, things did not work out and they are no longer helping me. What I thought was going to be a great boost to my progress on OpenShot 2.0 was simply not meant to be. Unfortunately for me, this slowed me down and added additional delays (the very thing I was trying to avoid).

Schedule Update

I am very proud of my progress on OpenShot 2.0 so far, considering I've done most of it myself (at this point), and I've fixed many show-stopping bugs over the past few weeks. A few of the bugs I've been battling were unexpected (as they usually are), and there are only so many hours in the day. I am about 4 weeks behind my official schedule at this point, and I still expect another 10 days of work before I release the library and move into the next phase. The good news is many tasks from the next phase are already completed, since I've had to complete a few tasks out of sequence. I will be posting an updated schedule very soon, which will account for all the unexpected delays and time.

Also, I am hesitant to hire another person, due to my first experience and the short amount of time I have left on this project. So, I think it's safe to expect a delay on the previews and betas, but I will continue to post updates to keep everyone updated. Thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding! I am very excited to complete OpenShot 2.0, I just wish I had more hours in the day to work on it. =)


It has been a very full month of development on OpenShot 2.0, with all my focus on completing the library (which is a huge part of the development work required to make OpenShot a successful cross-platform application). Like any large complex application, there have been many unexpected issues and delays, but I'm still making good progress, and am very close to my initial schedule. By "very close" I mean, I am about 2 weeks behind schedule on a few tasks, and ahead of schedule on a few other tasks. When you take the average completion % of tasks, I am very close to what I planned.

Effect Framework

One of the key features I've completed is the "Effects Framework", which is how various audio and video effects are added to the timeline. Not only can effects be added to clips, and stacked together, but every parameter / setting can be manipulated with keyframes (powered by the OpenShot curve-based animation framework). I am very pleased with how this turned out, and look forward to getting feedback from users once it is released.

Documentation & Examples

What good is a library if nobody knows how to use it. I have spent the past 2 weeks improving the documentation, adding detailed usage examples, and incorporating diagrams / graphics to explain how everything works. This will help other developers contribute to OpenShot once the library is released, and will also help potential users of the library evaluate how it works. In the long run, having good documentation will help improve the quality of contributions and thus the quality of OpenShot in the future.

Build Instructions

Another area I have improved dramatically is the build instructions, which contains detailed instructions on compiling the OpenShot library for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is designed to be understandable by non-programmers, and will also help people interested in packaging OpenShot for different operating systems and do-it-yourself users who always want the latest version.

Rewards Update

I have successfully processed all physical rewards, including T-shirts, USB Flash drives, and signed certificates. This was a crazy, insane process that taught me much about the US postal system (as well as many other countries and their crazy mail systems). I am so glad that this is behind me now! In all honesty, the rewards process took about 6 weeks longer than I expected it to and about $2,000 more than I originally planned. To make up for this lost time, I just worked longer hours and got less sleep. =) So, being a week or two behind on some tasks is not so bad, considering all the additional labor I had not planned for (at least that is how I feel).

Schedule Update

The library could be released at the end of September, just like my original plan, but there are still some tasks that need to be completed before the library is ready for "prime time". I will keep everyone posted on the schedule, especially as I attempt to complete the library in the next 8 days. Thanks again for all the support. I am so excited to complete the library and move onto the cross-platform Qt interface tasks. This is really going to be an amazing video editor, and the anticipation is killing me. I just wish I had a large staff of people to help me do it quicker. =)


Today marks an important milestone for the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign, many of the rewards have started shipping, and many of you should receive a tracking # via email (in the next 48 hours). Others will receive your tracking # later this week. Worst case, you won't receive a tracking # via email, but your package will still be shipped, so no worries.

What Will You Get?

Based on your reward level, you will receive one of the following (assuming you did not opt-out of receiving a package):
  • Certificate
  • Certificate + USB Flash Drive
  • Certificate + USB Flash Drive + T-Shirt

NOTE: The digital rewards, such as vector logos and 3D animations, will be delivered with the final release of OpenShot 2.0, scheduled for December 2013.

Challenges of Reward Fulfillment

As many Kickstarter projects before me have discovered, fulfilling rewards is an intense process, that takes way more time than you would ever imagine. For example, the logistics of preparing & shipping packages to 40+ countries (postage, customs, different languages & character sets), coordinating multiple vendors, etc... can be overwhelming at times, and prevents you from working on the primary goal of the Kickstarter project.

So, in other words, I will be super excited to complete this phase of the project, and re-focus on the programming tasks... which I am much more skilled at. So, thank you for your patience during this phase of the project, and hopefully these rewards will actual arrive at your houses in the next 10 to 14 days. =)

List of Countries that have Shipped:

The following countries have been dropped off at the United States Postal Service (USPS) for shipping:
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Jersey
  • Republic of Korea
  • Lithuania
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Russian Federation
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom

The only country not shipped yet is the USA, which is scheduled to ship later this week (probably Thursday).


Over the past 6 weeks I have been hard at work, and have many exciting updates to share, including an upcoming presentation at the Dallas Makerspace (for those who live in North Texas). While most of my time has been spent working on C++ libraries (which is a bit challenging to share at this point), I have also been processing the rewards as quickly as possible (photos below).

Distributed Editing

The distributed video editing platform is coming along nicely. We have a great design, which leverages a new video format we developed to easily (and quickly) share "chunks" of videos across a local network. This new format is frame accurate, reduces the time needed for decoding and encoding, and is optimized for this unique purpose (i.e. distributed video editing). This same format is used for local caching of the timeline (as it is rendered), which is key design element of OpenShot 2.0. 

The only downside of this approach is the large amounts of disk space needed for local caching and network caching. In order for other networked computers to assist in the video rendering tasks, they must have access to "chunks" of source media files. And due to the large size of media files, it was not practical to transfer the entire file to a distributed node. Thus, the idea to "divide" videos into small bite-size, frame-accurate "chunks" was born. =) 


I should be ready to mail the rewards (T-Shirts, USB Flash Drives, Certificates) late next week, or the following week. I have already received and processed the T-Shirts and USB Flash Drives, and they are packaged into envelopes awaiting postage. I am still waiting on the certificates, which are being printed by a local print company, and they should arrive early next week. Once they arrive, I'll have 500+ certificates to sign (which I'm looking forward to). Here are a few photos of the rewards.

Upcoming Presentation (August 3rd, 2013)

If you live in (or near) the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I will be making an OpenShot presentation on Saturday, August 3rd at the Dallas Makerspace, during the Open Source Saturday event. The event starts at 10 AM, and I will be discussing all things OpenShot (including some thoughts on Kickstarter). I might even have a few T-Shirts and Flash Drives to hand-out, so be sure to attend if you are in town!

Version 1.4.4 (Available now for Linux)

We have fixed many issues with the current version of OpenShot (for Linux), especially related to the newest release of Blender (which broke a few things). This version has not been officially released yet, but is now available in our Daily PPA. Just to clarify for the Windows and Mac supporters, only OpenShot 2.0 will be compatible for Windows and Mac (scheduled for December release).

What's Next

I am focusing my attention on staying on schedule, and so far so good. However, there are many large technical challenges that await me, so I will be happy once these rewards are delivered and out of my office... so I can fully focus on OpenShot. =) 


Over the past many weeks, I have made some tremendous progress and have lots of exciting updates to share with you! For those who were wondering, I did finally get my Kickstarter funds transferred to me, even though it took a few more weeks than I initially expected.

Cross-Platform Update

I have setup a complete Mac OS X development system, made numerous improvements to the OpenShot Library build system (which is responsible for cross-platform compiling), and I am happy to report that everything works great on OS X, Windows 7 and 8, and Linux!  Not only did I get everything working nicely, I also documented the entire build process (i.e. instructions) for each operating system.


For the past 4 weeks I have been working with a professional interface design artist on the next generation timeline interface... which is a big part of this Kickstarter plan. This is just a "rough" draft, showing the progression of our mock-ups so far. Enjoy!


I have completed the development schedule for OpenShot 2.0! It was very tricky getting everything scheduled in, but I am happy with the final plan. Here are a few highlights, for those that don't want to read the entire plan:

  • Sept 2013 - Library Release
  • Nov 2013 - Preview Release (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Dec 2013 - Alpha & Beta Releases (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Jan 2014 - Final Release


I have just placed the order for T-shirts, Flash drives, certificates, and mailing supplies (envelopes, cardboard, paper, etc...). However, compiling the final list of backer information was much more challenging than I anticipated. =) While Kickstarter does a good job of letting me download the backer information as a CSV, it gives me a separate file for each reward level (each with their own column orders... so none of them matched). Then I merged in the opt-out database and additional PayPal backers. My final task was building a report which combined all this data, analyzed it, and helped me determine how many T-shirts of each size, how many flash drives, which name to print in the credits, etc... So, I am glad this phase is coming to an end soon. Once the supplies arrives, my wife and kids have volunteered to help me form an assembly line, and get these in the mail as soon as possible. My kids are very excited to have a part in the process. =)

Operating Systems (some thoughts)

I don't want to start an operating system discussion (i.e. war), but I thought I would share my thoughts on the 3 operating systems I've been using so much. So far, my favorite development environment is Linux, which is delightful to use (especially for programmers). Mac is my second favorite, with a very nice setup for programmers, and continues to improve as I learn to navigate its unique keyboard mappings (for example, the 'home' and 'end' keys). Windows 8 has been the most difficult to work with, especially setting up the build environment and dependencies. Also, since much of OpenShot's build process takes place in a command line / terminal environment, that probably accounts for why Windows frustrates me so much. See, I got through that without starting a war... hopefully.

Next Update

I will be sending out my next update in about 1 week, with more artwork and mock-ups to share, and an update on rewards. I hope you enjoyed the update and thanks again for your support!


Its been just over a week since we successfully funded, and I have been busy incorporating the many new features into my development schedule. As you can imagine, some of the more complex tasks require careful planning, meetings, and even simple prototypes, to help verify my schedule will be achievable.  So, I fully anticipate completing the project by the original target date of Dec, 2013, but I am still working on the exact plan to get me there.

Development Update

One of the biggest decisions we have made so far is to switch the user interface toolkit that OpenShot uses from GTK+ to Qt. We have carefully considered our options, and our team believes it is the only reasonable path forward. A few big contributing factors to choosing Qt was the performance of embedding HTML and JavaScript (for our timeline and curve editing widgets), native-looking widget rendering (on Mac, Windows, and Linux), improved tools for designing interfaces, and the easy ability to use OpenGL to display our video preview widget.

Another contributing factor is the simplification of OpenShot source code that will result from using Qt. Thousands and thousands of lines of GTK+ code will be removed from our source code, and replaced with either JavaScript timeline code, or a much simpler Qt API. So, while this will be a big effort, it will reduce the complexity of OpenShot's source code, and give us much more powerful and easier to use tools for building and debugging.

For those who are interested to learn more about Qt and why an application such as OpenShot could benefit from using it, take a look at this video. It's a fun video, and touches on the basics of what Qt can be used for.


I am meeting with members of OpenShot's development team this week and making final adjustments to my development schedule. I plan on sharing it as soon as the final few issues are resolved.


I am still waiting for Amazon Payments and Kickstarter to release the funds to me. I'm not sure how long it typically takes for this to happen, but I just wanted to let everyone know I am still waiting for the funds. I will be making equipment and supply purchases once the funds clear, so I will keep everyone updated on this front.

I have many more updates to share as well, but I'll be spreading them out over a week or two. Things such as hardware acceleration plans, distributed editing (i.e. video server) prototype & update, and more improvements to our timeline interface. Stay tuned!


I wanted to take a moment and thank our newest sponsor, Media College, who pledged $1,500 on Kickstarter towards improving OpenShot! They provided a huge boost to our fundraising efforts at a critical time in our campaign. Thank You so much for supporting OpenShot!

For those who don't know, mediacollege.com has hundreds of exclusive tutorials covering video & television production, audio work, photography, graphics, web design and more. Check it out, and who knows, you might learn something awesome!

Exclusive OpenShot Tutorials

They have also added a section for OpenShot tutorials, so be sure to check them out!

I have also added a new Sponsors page on the OpenShot website, with some additional information on Media College, and other companies who support our project.

Kickstarter Update | OpenShot 2.0!

I am hard at work on completing the development schedule for OpenShot 2.0! Many features were added towards the end of the Kickstarter campaign, which have made quite a bit more work for me. But they are great features, and will be welcome additions to OpenShot!  I also have some big design decisions I will be posting very soon, which will likely be interesting to anyone who follows the development of OpenShot.


Only 39 hours remain for OpenShot's Kickstarter (fund raising) campaign and some big changes are being announced today for our stretch goals (i.e. additional features that are unlocked at certain fund raising amounts). But first, we have reached another amazing milestone, Stretch Goal #3: Animation Presets, greatly improving the work-flow for animating video clips and titles. Overall, the past 48 hours have been great, with over $2,800 pledged, pushing us past $35,000. So, thank you to everyone who has supported our project so far!


I have submitted a new Slashdot article, that could really use some "up votes", if you want to help us out. Getting this posted on Slashdot in the final hours of our Kickstarter, could be the "make or break" moment of this campaign.

Stretch Goal #4: FREE!

As a thank you, I have decided to make some BIG CHANGES to the remaining stretch goals, starting with including Stretch Goal #4: Video Render Queue (queue up multiple renders) for FREE! This is a great feature, and will improve the work-flow for rendering multiple versions of your timeline.

Stretch Goal #5: REDUCED!

As a final thank you, I am reducing the price for Stretch Goal #5: Video Editing Server, in hopes to meet everyone halfway. This is a highly complex system, for offloading CPU, Memory, and Disk Cache to a local server (or server farm), dramatically improving the speed of previews and renders. I have already created successful small scale experiments with this technology, but as you can imagine, it will have far reaching implications in the design of OpenShot, which is why I originally set the goal so high. However, I really want to see this feature get implemented, and I'm crossing my fingers that we'll hit this goal before we run out of time.

Statistics Update

Take a look at how far we've come, and how little is remaining to reach our final goal!

Only 39 Hours Remaining!

We are in the final hours of our Kickstarter, and this is our last chance to spread the word, email our friends and co-workers, talk to our bosses about corporate sponsorships, or increase our pledges. Stretch Goal #5 is now more possible than ever before, but we will have to all pitch in to make this happen. Once again, THANK YOU for supporting OpenShot, and let's sprint to the finish line!


One of the most important features of a video editor is its timeline interface. The timeline allows users to arrange, trim, and position video clips over time. The next version of OpenShot will feature a new timeline, built from the ground up using modern web development technologies, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Keep in mind that this video is an early look, and is still missing many important functions. We will soon reveal improvements to trimming, audio adjustment, snapping, previewing, and placing transitions... so those are missing in this video demo, but coming soon.

If you like what you see in this video, please consider supporting OpenShot on Kickstarter!

OpenShot's New Timeline Demo from Jonathan Thomas on Vimeo.

Some of the new features demonstrated in this video include:

  • Video thumbnails
  • Audio waveforms
  • Color indicator on edges of clips
  • Multiple clip selection and arrangement
  • Auto trimming tool when you hover over the edge of a clip
  • Improved snapping
  • Ability to skin with CSS

If you like what you see, you can help us in any of the following ways: share this page on Facebook, encourage your friends and co-workers to support our project, back us on Kickstarter, and/or contact your favorite tech blogs and encourage them to cover our project. Thank you for your support!


Today we reached 100% of our goal! THANK YOU SO MUCH for backing and supporting OpenShot on Kickstarter! It looks like this project is officially going to happen now! I am so excited to get started, but before I do, we can still make OpenShot even better (i.e. stretch goals). So, I will continue to work hard promoting this campaign, spreading the word, and if I'm lucky, land a few more articles on popular websites.

Happy Easter!

While I was dyeing Easter Eggs with my kids this evening, we decided to make some Kickstarter themed eggs, in honor of OpenShot reaching 100% of its goal. So, with our tools in hand (wax crayons, dye, vinegar, and water), here is what we came up with.


Look how beautiful this chart is. If you stand back and squint your eyes, it almost looks like a straight line. In reality, things have seemed much more unpredictable. But all that really matters is we are above that green line!

More Stretch Goals

I have received many messages from people with additional suggestions for stretch goals. Some, such as improved support for sub-titles, might be added as additional stretch goals soon. If you have some great ideas for additional stretch goals, please send me a message soon and I will consider them.

Thank You... Again!

We did it! 100% funded in 13 days. And we could not have done it without your help. So, thank you again!


Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!

There are still 21 days left in the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign, and we have already climbed to 448 backers, with pledges reaching 65% of our $20,000 goal. While we have had an amazing start to our campaign, there are still challenges ahead. We still need to raise $7,000 to reach our goal, and we need to find more media coverage, to help spread the word and continue to bring in new backers.

The Linux Action Show!

The latest episode of the LAS (Linux Action Show) gave OpenShot some great coverage. There was music, dancing, and ... well, you will just have to watch the video yourself! A big thanks to Matt & Chris for their continued support of OpenShot! You guys are awesome!

Recent Articles Featuring OpenShot's Kickstarter

While we would certainly like more media coverage, there have been some great articles over the past few days.  Here are a few, including an interview I did with Linux-updates.org.

Interview with Jonathan Thomas ~ OpenShot creator 
OpenShot Reaches Halfway In Kickstarter Campaign 
OpenShot could round out open source media production suite 
Video Editor OpenShot Wants To Kickstart Windows, OS X Versions 
Openshot Creator Launches Kickstarter 
Award-Winning Video Editor Hits Kickstarter, Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you have not watched the official Kickstarter video for OpenShot yet, now is your chance.  If you are interested in helping our project make some ambitious and dramatic improvements, please consider backing our Kickstarter campaign!


What a great weekend we had on the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign! We added 130+ new backers and are now 53% funded! Want to know more? Check out the full update posted on Kickstarter! Now, if only we can get featured on Boing Boing!

Take a look at the breakdown of backers we've received from external websites, as compared to backers from Kickstarter.com.  We are holding steady at 75% external, 25% Kickstarter.com, which I find very interesting.  I really thought that Kickstarter would refer more people... once the project picked up some momentum.
If you are interested in improving OpenShot, making it faster and more stable, and bringing it to more operating systems (such as Windows and Mac), please consider backing our project on Kickstarter!


Great news everyone! Today was the best day so far for the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign!  We had 62 new backers join us and we received almost $2,000 in new pledges!

We were also featured on the front page of Slashdot.org this evening, and the front page of developers.slashdot.org!  This is a huge deal, and helped us spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign.  So, a big thanks to Slashdot for being so cool and supporting our open-source project!

Slashdot is really the first major website to feature a story on our Kickstarter campaign, but I hope its not the last.  I have submitted tips and sent emails to about 20 different tech websites, and distributed a press release to over 4,500+ newsrooms.  I am no expert at marketing, but I'm trying my best! =)

For the full update, and a sneak peak at a new feature in the OpenShot Library, read our newest update on Kickstarter.


The OpenShot Kickstarter campaign is going strong, and we have now completed 3 full days of fundraising! We have already raised over $3,500, which is over 17% of the goal. The average pledge is around $26, and 71% of our pledges are coming in from external websites (29% are coming from the Kickstarter website).

In order to keep our momentum going, we need to widen our base, and have more backers learn about our project. So, even if you can not pledge money, you can still help us spread the word by clicking the "share" button in Facebook or Google+, and posting our Kickstarter campaign on your wall (or stream). That is highly effective at finding new backers!

Free T-Shirt: If you can find a video editing website (news, forums, community, etc...) with respectable web traffic, that is interested in interviewing me about OpenShot and our Kickstarter campaign, or promoting our campaign in some way, I will send you a free T-Shirt (as featured on our Kickstarter page). You can contact me at jonathan@openshot.org if you find one.

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!


Following in the footsteps of other successfully funded open-source projects, such as VLC, Kdenlive, and Novacut, OpenShot Video Editor has just launched it's first ever Kickstarter campaign, focused on raising funds to develop a cross-platform version (Windows, Linux, and Mac), integrate our new & powerful video editing engine, and improve our user interface & video editing work-flow.  In other words, we want to make dramatic improvements to OpenShot, and then release it to millions of new users from around the world!

However, we need your help to make this happen!

If you are one of the hundreds of people that has been asking for a Windows and Mac version of OpenShot, now is your chance to make it happen!  Simply click the "Back This Project" button on Kickstarter and then tell your friends to do the same.  We have some very unique and fun reward levels, including designing and naming your own vector titles and 3D animations.  Or perhaps there is one feature you have always wanted in OpenShot... no problem, we have a reward level for that as well.

How You Can Help

We really do need your help to make this happen. We need you to spread word of this campaign far and wide. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers. In order to reach our goal, we need coverage on as many websites, forums, and social networks as possible.

URL: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/421164014/openshot-video-editor-for-windows-mac-and-linux
Here are some ad banners I designed for this campaign.  Please feel free to link to these images, copy them, and distribute them as you see fit.  Here are the links:
Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!http://www.openshot.org/images/ads/OpenShot_Ad_468_60.png

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!http://www.openshot.org/images/ads/OpenShot_Ad_728_90.png

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!http://www.openshot.org/images/ads/OpenShot_Ad_930_80.png

 Learn More

To learn more about this project, watch demo videos of new features, and check out all the rewards levels, please take a look at our Kickstarter campaign today!


Don't miss the LIVE STREAM when OpenShot takes center stage at this year's Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 11x) in Los Angeles, California! Just keep this page open for a real-time countdown. Once the event is LIVE, watch the LIVE STREAM of the La Jolla room, at the Hilton Los Angeles International Airport.


The SCALE 11x team caught up with me before the event, to ask me a few questions about the OpenShot presentation, exhibitor booth, and more. If you live in the California area, you should seriously consider attending SCALE 11x.  If you use the promo code "OSHOT", you will save 50% on a full access pass.  Two days full of presentations, exhibits, and training.  I learn a ton each year, and look forward to meeting you at the OpenShot presentation and booth!

I will be posting photos of the booth once the event starts, and there will be a LIVE stream of my presentation, posted on the SCALE 11x website (Saturday, Feb 23rd at 11:30 AM, California time).


The eleventh annual Southern California Linux Expo is only 2 weeks away, and I hope you have already made plans to attend the show!  It is a great event, with many interesting booths, presentations, demonstrations, and of course, fascinating people.

Register Now for SCALE 11x, and save 50% on full access passes using our exclusive promotional code: OSHOT

The OpenShot booth is very ambitious this year, with a super cool, interactive demonstration.  I would tell you more, but I want to keep it a surprise for now.  I will be personally running the booth again, and look forward to meeting each of you!  Bring your questions, wishlists, and any other topics you want to discuss with me.  I'll be there all day, Saturday and Sunday (February 23rd and 24th)!

Also, on Saturday morning @11:30 AM, in the La Jolla room, I will be making a presentation on the new OpenShot Library.  I will be discussing many of it's new features, and how they will be used in the next version of OpenShot.  The presentation will also contain many video and audio demonstrations, and should be entertaining and informative. =)

If all that is not enough to convince you to attend SCALE 11x, there is also a fun game during the event, where Open Source meets Jeopardy: SCALE Poker Quiz, an epic mix of scavenger hunt, trivia quiz, and trading game.  One of the clues might even be solved at the OpenShot booth!

I look forward to seeing you at SCALE 11x!
-Jonathan Thomas


Have you noticed how more and more people are using open-source software to produce music videos? It's always encouraging to see videos on YouTube tagged with various Linux and open-source applications, especially youth produced videos.  Recently, Phil Shapiro gave me a tip about another great Emily Fox music video, produced with OpenShot.  If you have never heard her music, you are missing out.  Check out her latest video, The Power of Love!

As the features continue to mature for OpenShot and other open-source applications, I can't wait to see what the youth of tomorrow will build!  I hope everyone is adequately inspired. =)

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