Today we reached 100% of our goal! THANK YOU SO MUCH for backing and supporting OpenShot on Kickstarter! It looks like this project is officially going to happen now! I am so excited to get started, but before I do, we can still make OpenShot even better (i.e. stretch goals). So, I will continue to work hard promoting this campaign, spreading the word, and if I'm lucky, land a few more articles on popular websites.

Happy Easter!

While I was dyeing Easter Eggs with my kids this evening, we decided to make some Kickstarter themed eggs, in honor of OpenShot reaching 100% of its goal. So, with our tools in hand (wax crayons, dye, vinegar, and water), here is what we came up with.


Look how beautiful this chart is. If you stand back and squint your eyes, it almost looks like a straight line. In reality, things have seemed much more unpredictable. But all that really matters is we are above that green line!

More Stretch Goals

I have received many messages from people with additional suggestions for stretch goals. Some, such as improved support for sub-titles, might be added as additional stretch goals soon. If you have some great ideas for additional stretch goals, please send me a message soon and I will consider them.

Thank You... Again!

We did it! 100% funded in 13 days. And we could not have done it without your help. So, thank you again!


Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!

There are still 21 days left in the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign, and we have already climbed to 448 backers, with pledges reaching 65% of our $20,000 goal. While we have had an amazing start to our campaign, there are still challenges ahead. We still need to raise $7,000 to reach our goal, and we need to find more media coverage, to help spread the word and continue to bring in new backers.

The Linux Action Show!

The latest episode of the LAS (Linux Action Show) gave OpenShot some great coverage. There was music, dancing, and ... well, you will just have to watch the video yourself! A big thanks to Matt & Chris for their continued support of OpenShot! You guys are awesome!

Recent Articles Featuring OpenShot's Kickstarter

While we would certainly like more media coverage, there have been some great articles over the past few days.  Here are a few, including an interview I did with Linux-updates.org.

Interview with Jonathan Thomas ~ OpenShot creator 
OpenShot Reaches Halfway In Kickstarter Campaign 
OpenShot could round out open source media production suite 
Video Editor OpenShot Wants To Kickstart Windows, OS X Versions 
Openshot Creator Launches Kickstarter 
Award-Winning Video Editor Hits Kickstarter, Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you have not watched the official Kickstarter video for OpenShot yet, now is your chance.  If you are interested in helping our project make some ambitious and dramatic improvements, please consider backing our Kickstarter campaign!


What a great weekend we had on the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign! We added 130+ new backers and are now 53% funded! Want to know more? Check out the full update posted on Kickstarter! Now, if only we can get featured on Boing Boing!

Take a look at the breakdown of backers we've received from external websites, as compared to backers from Kickstarter.com.  We are holding steady at 75% external, 25% Kickstarter.com, which I find very interesting.  I really thought that Kickstarter would refer more people... once the project picked up some momentum.
If you are interested in improving OpenShot, making it faster and more stable, and bringing it to more operating systems (such as Windows and Mac), please consider backing our project on Kickstarter!


Great news everyone! Today was the best day so far for the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign!  We had 62 new backers join us and we received almost $2,000 in new pledges!

We were also featured on the front page of Slashdot.org this evening, and the front page of developers.slashdot.org!  This is a huge deal, and helped us spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign.  So, a big thanks to Slashdot for being so cool and supporting our open-source project!

Slashdot is really the first major website to feature a story on our Kickstarter campaign, but I hope its not the last.  I have submitted tips and sent emails to about 20 different tech websites, and distributed a press release to over 4,500+ newsrooms.  I am no expert at marketing, but I'm trying my best! =)

For the full update, and a sneak peak at a new feature in the OpenShot Library, read our newest update on Kickstarter.


The OpenShot Kickstarter campaign is going strong, and we have now completed 3 full days of fundraising! We have already raised over $3,500, which is over 17% of the goal. The average pledge is around $26, and 71% of our pledges are coming in from external websites (29% are coming from the Kickstarter website).

In order to keep our momentum going, we need to widen our base, and have more backers learn about our project. So, even if you can not pledge money, you can still help us spread the word by clicking the "share" button in Facebook or Google+, and posting our Kickstarter campaign on your wall (or stream). That is highly effective at finding new backers!

Free T-Shirt: If you can find a video editing website (news, forums, community, etc...) with respectable web traffic, that is interested in interviewing me about OpenShot and our Kickstarter campaign, or promoting our campaign in some way, I will send you a free T-Shirt (as featured on our Kickstarter page). You can contact me at jonathan@openshot.org if you find one.

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!


Following in the footsteps of other successfully funded open-source projects, such as VLC, Kdenlive, and Novacut, OpenShot Video Editor has just launched it's first ever Kickstarter campaign, focused on raising funds to develop a cross-platform version (Windows, Linux, and Mac), integrate our new & powerful video editing engine, and improve our user interface & video editing work-flow.  In other words, we want to make dramatic improvements to OpenShot, and then release it to millions of new users from around the world!

However, we need your help to make this happen!

If you are one of the hundreds of people that has been asking for a Windows and Mac version of OpenShot, now is your chance to make it happen!  Simply click the "Back This Project" button on Kickstarter and then tell your friends to do the same.  We have some very unique and fun reward levels, including designing and naming your own vector titles and 3D animations.  Or perhaps there is one feature you have always wanted in OpenShot... no problem, we have a reward level for that as well.

How You Can Help

We really do need your help to make this happen. We need you to spread word of this campaign far and wide. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers. In order to reach our goal, we need coverage on as many websites, forums, and social networks as possible.

URL: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/421164014/openshot-video-editor-for-windows-mac-and-linux
Here are some ad banners I designed for this campaign.  Please feel free to link to these images, copy them, and distribute them as you see fit.  Here are the links:
Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!http://www.openshot.org/images/ads/OpenShot_Ad_468_60.png

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!http://www.openshot.org/images/ads/OpenShot_Ad_728_90.png

Become a backer of OpenShot on Kickstarter!http://www.openshot.org/images/ads/OpenShot_Ad_930_80.png

 Learn More

To learn more about this project, watch demo videos of new features, and check out all the rewards levels, please take a look at our Kickstarter campaign today!

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