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One of the most popular feature requests we get is for OpenShot to provide a simple list of video export options. Well, we would love to add this feature, but first we need your help!

We want to compile a comprehensive list of these formats, codecs, fps, aspect ratio, interlaced vs progressive, size, and bit rates for a variety of common uses, such as DVD, Blu-ray, YouTube, Vimeo, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and any other common video use.

We are going to make it very easy for you to contribute to this list. It's as simple as putting a ball in a cup! (family guy joke). Seriously though, it's as simple as updating our Wikipedia page (thanks to Helen for giving us a jump start). If updating a Wiki scares you, you can also add your format to this open question (in LaunchPad).

I know that not everyone can contribute to the actual programming of OpenShot, but here is a great opportunity to jump into our project, and really contribute to the end product! We hope you will help us out.

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